WoSSS '21

WoSSS21 is the next WoSSS event being organised for late 2021.

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Workshops Reports

Reports from previous WoSSS workshops.


  • 2015

Research software sustainability: Report on a Knowledge Exchange workshop

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The Hague

  • 2017

Sustainable Software Sustainability - Workshop report

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The Hague

  • 2019

Sustainable Software Sustainability - Workshop report

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Our goals



To bring together a broad range of research communities with a focus on the long term software sustainability of existing, new and future code.


Cross Pollination

Share best practices and case studies to cultivate cross-pollination of ideas and approaches in the research community


Problem Identification

Identify current hurdles and problems the research community is facing to make their software sustainable


Informing Policy

Inform policy related to sustainable software


Bridging Terminology

Share terminology and definitions in the software sustainability space


Sustaining activity

To become a sustainable activity.

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