WoSSS '21

WoSSS21 is the next WoSSS event being organised for late 2021.

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Workshops Reports

Reports from previous WoSSS workshops.


  • 2015

Research software sustainability: Report on a Knowledge Exchange workshop

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The Hague

  • 2017

Sustainable Software Sustainability - Workshop report

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The Hague

  • 2019

Sustainable Software Sustainability - Workshop report

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Our goals


Cross Pollination

WoSSS wants to bring together participants from a broad range of communities that are interested in how to deal with software sustainability.


Issues at Stake

WoSSS provides a meeting place to identify and discuss the hurdles and challenges the participants are facing to make their software sustainable.


Inform Policy Makers and Funders

After Open Access and FAIR data, software as a research output worthy and in need of preservation and sharing, is only recently receiving more attention from policy makers and research funding organisations, partly thanks to activities such as those by the WoSSS communities (workshops and reports).


Sustain Software Sustainability

It seems almost a play of words, but without an active movement software sustainability cannot be accomplished. This is why WoSSS pays attention to how to sustain and organise itself in the future.

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